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How it works



We encourage any Tufts student with an interest in building their own venture to apply, whether you have an idea or not. We accept both students with initial startup ideas and those without, as long as they demonstrate passion and dedication towards doing entrepreneurship.

Team Formation

Students meet in the first few weeks to learn about problem spaces and the problem-identification process. They will brainstorm and discuss what issues are worth tackling. Students then find cofounders that share their interest in a particular problem and will continue the program as a team.


The bulk of the 10-week program consists of founder-led workshops to guide students through the stages of problem validation, customer research, product design, go-to-market strategy, bootstrapping, and pitching. During each workshop, students have the opportunity to engage with the speaker and each other to refine their values.

Demo Day

The program culminates with a final demo day of their ventures to judges. Given the 10-week timeline, we do not expect finished products. The emphasis of the demo day pitch is on the validation of the idea and design so that students graduate from the 10-week program with a strong foundation to continue building their ventures.

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